Friday Favorites : Swarm

It’s Friday! Time for my IF favorites.

I have to admit, I wasn’t in love with this week’s theme. Mostly because the word ‘swarm’ brings insects to mind and bugs are not my friends. I had to steel myself for seeing swarms of bees and other things that I find unpleasant.

Fortunately, in most cases, I was pleasantly surprised. Here are some of the submissions that didn’t make my skin crawl. Heh.

  • Swarm of Sock Monsters by Brian Blankenship : A clever interpretation of the topic. Clever…and a little creepy.
  • Swarm by Steve Loya : I love the marriage of watercolor and ink and how the skilled pen work gives the swarm depth. Simple yet complex.
  • little wonders by Nidhi : I knew this was a favorite (if not the favorite) from the moment I saw it. Wonderful. Whimsical. Wow.
  • Swarm by Kristin G. Jackson : It is interesting how many artists chose to use elements not typically associated with swarms. This illustration melds three of those things in a most impressive fashion. I adore the color scheme.
  • Swarm by Georgiana Chitac : The concept and the execution are fantastic in this illustration. Love.
  • Celestial Swarm by Kristin Dudish : It is no secret that I am a sucker for the color blue. There are right ways and wrong ways to do blue, however. This is one of the right ways.
  • Swarm by Jo : A clever twist on the bee idea. So fun!
  • A Swarm of Ideas by Gynux : I can’t help but love this sweet illustration. The color and the concept are fabulous. I think I need this to hang in my studio for inspiration.
  • Swarm by Flora Chang : Sweet and simple. Two of my favorite things.
  • Swarm of B’s by Amy-Jean : Another clever twist on the bee theme. Much less frightening than the stinging kind.
  • Swarm by Monica Indelicato : The stinging kind done well. I love the color and texture of this piece.
  • Lucille by Vanessa Brantley Newton : I love everything about this (except maybe the snobby personality – heh). The colors are great and the context is certainly good for a giggle.
  • Swarm by Mandy van Goeije : Another example of blue done well. I like how the ‘swarmers’ seem to be part bird and part insect.
  • Bunny Swarm by Joan Yoshioka : Like the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog multiplied by…well, A LOT. Truly terrifying. Someone get the Holy Hand Grenade!
  • Swarm by Liz Urso : And now, a far less threatening bunny swarm. Ahh, sweet pink bunnies. Now don’t we all feel so much calmer now?

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