What I Like Wednesday: Tsuga Studios

I have always wished that I had the skill to work with glass. Years ago, I lived a stone’s throw from a major art glass supplier. I used to love walking around perusing all of the glass art supplies and I kick myself for not taking advantage of the opportunity to take classes there.

I realize now that it is probably better that I didn’t pick up yet another medium that I would end up being mediocre with, especially when there is such a high price tag attached. Oh, but how I would adore having my own kiln…and blowtorches (!).

Best that I leave all that to the experts, like Nick Kekic of Tsuga Studios.

The whole concept of glassblowing is completely amazing to me and the flawless beauty of Nick’s work, from everyday dishware to gorgeous decorative bowls and light shades, just blows me away (no pun intended – heh).  Seriously, amazing.

This weekend, I will be attending the American Craft Council show in Baltimore where I will finally get to see Nick’s work in person *insert embarrassing girlish squeal*. I can’t wait! Expect lots of photos (and possibly more embarrassing girlish squeals). If you happen to be in Baltimore this weekend, definitely check this show out!

In the meantime, go get your daily dose of COLOR at www.tsugastudios.com!

photos : small bowls, dinnerware, ribbon cane incalmo bowls by Tsuga Studios.

More cool stuff:

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