What I Like Wednesday: Fern House Studio

So, I’m trying something new here on the old blog. I’m calling it What I Like Wednesday. I’ll mostly be posting things that fit into the art + design heroes category, but there may be a smattering of other random things here and there too.

I can’t think of a better way to start this new tradition, than by sharing the work of one of my favorite artists (and clients) – Christina Heiniger of Fern House Studio.

Christina has been a client of mine for several years now, which means that I am lucky enough to get to see her new work every time she updates her web site (one of the perks of my ‘real’ job), where she offers her original paintings, as well as cards and handmade finger puppets.

I have always loved her Animal Series featuring brightly colored scenes with animals who interact with each other in interesting ways or sometimes just hang out on their own. I love them so much, in fact, that I framed several prints from this series to hang in Sir’s room.

I sometimes struggle with a fear of color and how to use it properly in my work and I have always been impressed at how Christina can use such a wide range of colors in her pieces and make it work so well.

Christina is also the organizer of the Gifted Hand Show – an annual fine art and craft show in Ellsworth, ME (which I would secretly LOVE to be a part of, if I could justify the expense of a trip up to Maine and/or even make it through the jurying process – heh). So, if you are in or around Maine in early November, be sure to check it out!

photos : Sending & Receiving, Owl Acrobatics, and Sleeping Fox by Christina Heiniger from fernhousestudio.com

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