What I Like Wednesday: Back in Black Photography

Once upon a time, there were two strange little girls. They had many odd adventures together and spent a lot of time with their faces behind cameras. One of those girls grew up to be yours truly – a moderately talented (and still strange) wannabe photog. The other grew up to be the very talented beauty and brains behind Back in Black Photography.

Back in the day, I used to blame my parents and their unwillingness to foot the bill for a camera as nice as Sara’s for the fact that the quality of her photos was always light years beyond mine. But it was really just because she has mad skillz. Heh.

She went to school for photography. I went to school for…what the hell did I got to school for? The world may never know…

She’s living it up with the artsy elite in Portland. I chauffeur the two-year-old elite to various social engagements (read: preschool and playdates) while dodging the vehicles of skeezy guys shaving on their morning commutes around Baltimore.

And all because my parents wouldn’t buy me that damned expensive camera! Heh, heh.

Seriously, check out her work. It is inspired and inspiring.

photos: seaside 3, tbf cattails, waters 3 by Sara R. Almirall

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One thought on “What I Like Wednesday: Back in Black Photography

  1. I am sincerely flattered by your words and most impressed by the astounding Artwork you’ve chosen to feature; )
    Many thanks and I dig your stuffings too!

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