Illustration Friday: Sweater

someday sweaters

Here it is, my first Illustration Friday contribution. The topic for this week was ‘sweater’ and since I spend most of my time surrounded by balls of yarn, I decided to take sweater back to its roots.

This was my first time using color pencil in a VERY long time and I’m sure it shows. Hoping to do much better next week!

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8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Sweater

  1. Welcome to IF! I read through your blog, and I hope that you keep drawing. The best advice: draw every day, draw what makes you happy, even if it seems strange to others. I, for one, really like your “baby sweaters”. It’s a very nice composition, and it made me smile.

  2. i agree – there is something about the way you use color and the way you compose your work that is so original and beautiful. I wish I had the vocabulary and/or artistic expertise to properly express what I want to say here – but there is something very pure about your style. I really enjoy it.

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