I Did It!

I submitted my drawing to the Illustration Friday site!

After checking out several of this week’s submissions, I almost chickened out. There is some REALLY good stuff on that site! I finally just sucked it up though and so far so good.

I’ve gotten some nice comments and a crazy amount of hits to the blog (like record-breaking numbers!), which is awesome. I also helped introduce Illustration Friday to a few of my friends who had never heard of it before.

I have to admit, ideas for the next topic are not coming to me as easily. But I have to try to keep my momentum going!

More cool stuff:

One thought on “I Did It!

  1. yay – good for you for trying something new; extra points because it’s something that scares you. I have received some scathing feedback about my writing for the professional/academic community, so I know the kind of guts it takes to show yourself like this. So I say bravo!

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