Friday Favorites : Layer

So, here it is, my first Friday Favorites! I came up with the idea of choosing and sharing my 15 favorite illustrations each week in order to introduce my friends/family/readers to Illustration Friday and some of the great talent that is out there. A major bonus is that it gives me an excuse to spend time looking at a lot of really great and inspiring work.

This week’s topic was ‘layer’. With that in mind, sit back, get clicking, and breathe in the awesome!

  • Little Monster’s Guide to Getting Dressed by Emma Weisman : Completely adorable! I think Sir would greatly benefit from Little Monster’s lesson.
  • Colorful Houses by Junko Miyakoshi : Love this style of illustration as it reminds me of one of the favorite books in our house The Giant Jam Sandwich.
  • Layer by M. Lee : Very clever and well done.
  • Bricklayer Cake by Wesley Osam : Someone else is as weird as me!
  • Artichoke by Sarah Melling : Simply gorgeous. Is there anything better than beautiful food illustrations?
  • Birdy by Joanna McMullan : Simple, lovely colors, and a bird. Perfect.
  • Layer by Heidi Fuchtman : Gorgeous in its simplicity and understated colors.
  • Peacock by Natalie Magnuson : A lovely twist on a lovely bird.
  • Happy Birthday by Penelope P. Neal : Not only is this a lovely illustration, but it reminds me of my good friend M. who works at the zoo and celebrated her birthday this week.
  • Layers by Q. Cassetti : I have quite an affinity for pen & ink drawings and this one makes me swoon. Wow.
  • Morning Glories by Valerie Lorimer : Love the style and the use of my favorite color in the whole world.
  • Layer by DoodleStreet : A peeler! Ha!
  • Lil’ Cowpoke by Brad Renner : Love, love, love the mid-century modern style.
  • Piggy by Abbi : Not only is the illustration adorable, but the photography is wonderful.
  • A Simple Onion by Auki : Always nice to end with a snarky onion. Heh.

More cool stuff:

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites : Layer

  1. Wow, thank you for the very kind words here! I enjoyed looking through your blog and Etsy shop. I’m working on my Super Mom badge, too… I think you get bonus points for losing your son’s nap time. Peace to you!

  2. Wow, thanks so much for picking my little birdy as one of your Friday Favourites. I couldn’t believe it when I saw my name in the list! Thanks again and I look forward to discovering more through your great site!

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