Drawing: What I Learned Today

So, I have been checking out some different online drawing tutorials and this morning, while Sir was in school, I started working through my first lesson. By the end of the lesson, I had discovered something very interesting.

The final two sections of the lesson focused on natural hand movement. Oddly, none of the art classes that I have ever taken mentioned anything about this and I can’t help but wonder if determining my natural hand movement sooner could have helped me over some of my drawing hurdles years ago.

Despite the fact that I am right-handed, several of my natural hand movements are typical of a lefty (Sir, the product of two righty parents, happens to be a lefty). At this point, I don’t really know exactly what that means or why a right-handed person would draw like a left-handed person, but it is definitely a good piece of information to file away as I move forward with trying to figure out this whole crazy drawing thing.

On to the next lesson…

photo : random circles by yours truly

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