Drawing: Week Two IF Musings

I started work on Illustration Friday earlier this week than I did last week because my changing schedule warranted it. When I finally came up with an idea, it fell into place quickly (probably because it was based off of my illustration from last week). I did some very rough sketches on Friday and started working on the actual colored pencil drawing on Sunday.

It didn’t go so well.

Seriously, they are colored pencils, I’ve been using them since I was a toddler and suddenly they feel so foreign and unwieldy. I just COULD NOT get them to work. It was very discouraging. So, I scrapped the original drawing.

I started again and things went along a bit better, but the final product still wasn’t what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to start a new drawing. So, I’m just going to call this week’s illustration a work in progress and maybe use the idea for something else in the future.

I have to confess that after scanning my drawing, I did a little *ahem* extra work on it. I blame Photoshop and my ridiculous need to make things ‘perfect’. One of the things I am finding most difficult about drawing is that there is no Edit > Undo in real life. If I screw up, it either needs to be erased (which doesn’t always work) or covered up (which I’m not very good at yet). So, for now, I’m cheating. Heh.

photo : colored pencils by yours truly

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