I have put forth a pretty decent effort this week to complete something for Illustration Friday. I checked the topic for the week when it came out last Friday, did some planning over the weekend, made some rough (really rough) sketches of some ideas early this week, realized that I don’t have the drawing skills to make any of them work the way I want them to, finally settled on a much simpler idea, and mostly finished my illustration last night.

How’s that for a long freaking sentence?

I never truly learned how to draw. I keep delving into these books on drawing, but I never seem to get very far without either getting bored or distracted (Ooo! A bird!). I’ve picked up a few things here and there, but still not enough to make my drawing skills even qualify as being decent.

I’m thinking that if I wasn’t such a perfectionist, things would be easier. I have to have things turn out right the first time or I get discouraged, annoyed, and distracted by things that I actually know how to do (you know, like do laundry and scrub toilets).

While working on this week’s illustration (which I may or may not actually link on the Illustration Friday site), I made the following observations:

  • I still have no concept of seeing things as simple shapes – you know, one of the key aspects of drawing.
  • That one book that said you shouldn’t blow the eraser shavings or blender dust off the paper because you could accidentally spit on your drawing was right. Ask me how I know. Oy.
  • I have a tendency to overdo things. The more I look at my work, the more I find wrong with it and/or missing from it. This prompts me to keep working on things that shouldn’t really be messed with, which results in screw ups.
  • I screw up…A LOT.
  • The burnisher pencil that I have smears black colored pencil. Won’t make that mistake again.
  • Manipulating pixels is so much easier, but I am determined to make this work!

More cool stuff:

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