ACC Baltimore Show 2011: Part I

I have a lot to share from my experience at the American Craft Council Baltimore show because, well, it was completely awesome! There’s so much, in fact, that I am going to have to split it up into a few different posts.

This year the ACC celebrated it’s 70th ‘Rebirth’ Day. As part of the celebration, local cake designers were invited to create cakes inspired by handmade pieces from artists participating in the show. Two of my friends are cake artists and I strongly encouraged them to participate, but the timing just wasn’t right. If they had done it, I know they totally would have rocked it!

While checking out the entries, we got a chance to speak to one of the bakers who let us in on a little secret…they weren’t real cakes, shhhhh. The fondant and buttercream were real, but the ‘cakes’ themselves were cardboard. Yum.

The sheer amount of talent at this show was staggering. I am going to do my best to talk about as many of the artists as I can and share links to their work, although I must admit that I had to narrow it way down to a select group of favorites.

The photo above is a sculpture by Massachusetts artist Dale Rogers. My good friend and trusty sidekick was ready to strap this to the top of her Prius and have her husband install it in their front yard. Sadly, we were pretty sure their HOA wouldn’t approve.

Here are a few of our other favorites from yesterday…

  • Susan Madacsi (blacksmith/artist) : How cool would it be to be able to tell people you’re a blacksmith? Really, how cool would it be to be a blacksmith? Pretty cool (not in the literal sense), I think. Susan Madacsi’s hand forged steel forms are painted with enamel and then distressed. I especially like the way that her cloud pieces take something typically thought of as industrial and turn them into something whimsical.
  • Christine R. Schukow (mixed media artist) : Her dioramas combine two of my absolute favorite things – photography and miniatures (!) (Okay, so the latter is a guilty obsession pleasure and I had to keep myself from squealing with delight when I saw her work, lest I blow my cover as a closet fan of all things teeny tiny.). Sadly, the photos on her web site don’t do her little works of art justice (unless you have a REALLY big monitor). I assure you, they are great!
  • Sandra Bonazoli & Jim Dowd (metalsmiths) : The fact that I have the smallest kitchen ever (one teeny tiny thing that I am NOT a fan of), does not hinder my love of kitchenware one bit. It does keep me from being able to buy all of the wonderful things that I would love to have in my kitchen, however. Boo. I was especially upset by this fact when I saw all of the wonderful things offered by Beehive Kitchenware. They make the sweetest little things for cooking, entertaining, and decorating. Their little birdies make me smile (and to my owl-loving friends, there are a few of those hooting around on their web site too). Love.
  • Jenn Bell (metal/enamel/awesome) : Okay, before you even look at her work, read her bio. Brilliant. Now, for the work. Also brilliant. I adore simplicity, especially when it is, in reality, extremely complex.
  • Christine Kaiser (mixed media artist) : Truly, words fail me when I try to describe her work. It is like looking at a three-dimensional sketchbook – a three-dimensional sketchbook that I just can’t stop looking at. When my friend asked what the sculptures were made of, the reply was ‘Wood. I’m very particular.’  So am I and it works.

I have much more to share, but it will have to wait. Duty calls (in the form of a cookie tasting this afternoon!).

photos : acc awesomeness by yours truly


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3 thoughts on “ACC Baltimore Show 2011: Part I

  1. i love this! Can’t wait to read more. I feel that, somewhere in my soul, there is an artist waiting to come out. I have no idea in what medium, and perhaps my talent is one of those things that existed in a past life and I only feel the aura of it now. But despite the lack of discernible talent, I am an artist in my heart.

  2. Oh, Marie, I wish you had joined us yesterday! Honestly, I believe that everyone has an artist inside of them. Some are just laying dormant. Let’s see what we can do to wake yours up!

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