A Budding Photographer

taking a picture of mommy

Sir’s new schedule has presented the challenge of coming up with activities to fill the additional 2-3 hours a day that he used to use for napping. Yesterday, we decided on a daytrip to Gettysburg to help fill the void.

Those who know me well know that, since moving to Baltimore, Gettysburg has become one of my very favorite places to photograph. I have taken at least a thousand photos in and around Gettysburg in the past five years or so. So, you can imagine my joy at seeing my son take his first photos there.

lining up his shot with some help from dad

We bought Sir his very own camera for his birthday. It isn’t the highest quality camera, doesn’t have a flash, but can take a tumble down a flight of stairs and still take a picture after bouncing its way down. It serves its purpose of helping Sir learn to line up a shot and find/press the shutter at the same time, so it’s all good for now.

He still needs some help pointing the camera at his subject (as evidenced by all of the disembodied head and shoe/sidewalk shots that I found on his camera), but he is starting to understand that what he is looking at when he presses the green button will be what shows up on the little screen. Plus, he loves scrolling through all of the photos and telling us who is in them (usually daddy, mommy, or himself).

photo by sir

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