Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Seriously, you tell me (if there’s even anyone out there reading this, that is). I am ashamed at how long I have been absent from this blog. I don’t really have any good excuse (except maybe that I was doing a lot of work on custom orders), but I do have a collection of fairly lame ones – recurring illness, family visits, birthday party hecticness (yes, I made that word up), and general slackassery (another made up word), just to name a few.

For anyone who may be wondering, my 365 project hasn’t fallen by the wayside entirely. I have still been taking photos daily (excluding those days when I was too weak to hold up my camera). I just haven’t had time or energy to post them. I plan to start working on catching up with posting ASAP. For the days that I have missed, I will fill in with photos from ‘the archives’. I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am in myself for missing days. I was looking forward to ending this project by saying, ‘I took a photo every single day for a whole year.’ Now, I can’t say that and, in my mind, that is the ultimate failure.

I also have some major catching up to do on my Etsy shop. I have been mass producing (in as much as one person can mass produce anything) Monster Hats and now Dragon Hats. They are standing by patiently awaiting the day when I have time to photograph them properly and put them in the shop. I had several custom orders that kept me very busy last month and I’m ordering a bunch of new colors this week, as my yarn stock is (amazingly) beginning to dwindle.

In the coming weeks, I hope to be able to catch up on recipes that I have been meaning to post as well. I am also working on a project that I hope to share with some of my fellow parents out there – more on that later.

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One thought on “Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

  1. 1. your blog is freaking me out. i just went to post a second comment and i got a message saying, “You’re posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    2. “slackassery.” I dig it.

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