2 thoughts on “107 of 365

  1. neat-O! What did you go to ny for? (meaning, spur of the moment trip, to see friends/family, holiday season tradition, etc.)

    I was in nyc once for new year’s – 1998 ringing in 1999. We did the whole ball dropping/times square thing – never, ever again. Though, i would love to go in mid-december and just wander around for a day. I keep meaning to do it and never do. Hm. There’s always next week… Did you drive up or take a bus/train?

    1. We went for a family birthday party in Brooklyn. After the party, we took the train into Manhattan because my aunt and uncle wanted to see the tree and the windows at Saks (the windows at Bergdorf Goodman were WAY more impressive).

      I would love to hang out in NYC with you. We should plan a day-trip!

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