Happiness Resides in an Electric Car

Please allow me to have a mom moment (I promise, there will be some art/design content. Just bear with me).

At nearly two years old, my son is already a huge They Might Be Giants fan. I’m sure this is due in part to the fact that he had quite a bit of fetal exposure to TMBG as my laptop speakers were often pressed up against my gigantic pregnant belly while I worked and sang along to favorites like Ana Ng, Birdhouse In Your Soul, and James K. Polk.

True story: on several occasions, while listening to TMBG in utero, Sir would start kicking along with the music.

Before Sir was born, I found out about They Might Be Giant’s kids’ album No! And shortly after he was born, I discovered Here Come the ABCs and Here Come the 123s, both of which come as a CD/DVD combo. We owned all three before he was even a month old. He’s been listening to the songs nearly everyday since. Within the last few months, he has started watching the accompanying DVDs and has become completely obsessed. He doesn’t watch a lot of television and very few shows actually hold his interest for more than a few minutes. His TMBG DVDs hold him in rapt attention, however, and I can’t say as I’m surprised.

The animations are so well done. They totally appeal to my designer’s eye and, combined with the music, completely mesmerize my son. John and John are presented as puppets that are made from (as far as I can tell) knit sleeves, over a cardboard (?) tube, with some felt details. Simple but brilliant. They were designed by Robin Goldwasser of Deeply Felt Puppet Theater (John Flansburgh’s wife and one of my newest heros. Heh.) Honestly, I could go on all day about what I love about these DVDs…but I won’t.

Recently, I finally got around to buying him TMBG’s third CD/DVD set Here Comes Science. We had heard all of the songs on Pandora over the past few months and they’re pretty fantastic. Sir particularly likes ‘Bloodmobile’ and ‘I Am a Paleontologist’. We sat down to watch the DVD the other day and, while Sir wasn’t quite as engaged as he is with the other two DVDs (the subject matter is a little above his head, after all), I was not let down. Visually, TMBG has hit yet another one out of the park. I loved the whole DVD, but my true favorite is the video for ‘Electric Car’.

It was produced by Tiny Inventions and if I could work with anyone in the world, I would want it to be these people. Hell, I wish I could be these people! They take everything I love and turn it into one gigantic freaking ball of awesome! *sigh* /fangirl gushing.

Seriously, check out their web site. And then email them to tell them how awesome I am and that they should make me a part of their team ASAP.

And check out the video too…

photo : Electric Car screenshot from tmbw.net

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