I Blame Google Analytics

I have been feeling extremely edgy and stressed since last night. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Google Analytics.

Eh, that’s probably not fair. I should probably spread the blame around at least a little. I’ll also give some of it to AWStats and that little thing on Etsy that keeps track of the views on everything in my shop.

There!  You’re all to blame, I hope you’re happy with yourselves.

Seriously, ever since I started cramming my Etsy shop with stuff and installed Google Analytics both there and on this blog, I have been obsessed with checking my stats and I’m afraid it is starting to negatively affect my well-being. The worst part is that I should totally know better.

As a web designer/host, I caution my clients against constant stat checking. As someone who wants to be successful (and, let’s face it, has a somewhat obsessive personality), I can’t help myself. All of the advice I’ve passed out over the years just flies straight out the window.

If any of my clients happen to be reading this, please ignore what I just said. Constant stat checking is still unnecessary…and bad, mmmkay?

Maybe I just need to get out of the house…better check my stats one more time first.

photo : blue and green glass pendant necklace by yours truly (available on Etsy)

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One thought on “I Blame Google Analytics

  1. ooh, i’ll have to talk to you in person about how to install google analytics. i tried once to do that for my blog but i got very confused very quickly.

    also, i am totally skewing your analytics for your etsy shop because i go there just about every day.

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