Make Art Not Web Sites

heartsMy motivation to finish start the actual web site portion of this site continues to wane. It’s one of those things that I know I have to do, but there are so many things I’d rather be doing like working on my art or…getting a root canal.

I can hear my old nemesis, Etsy, calling to me more and more…

Ruuuuuth, c’mon, forget the web site. I’m cheap, I’m easy, I’m far less time-consuming and soul-draining than web desiiiiiign. That’s why your clients like me better…

The siren song is hard to resist. However, I still hold hard and fast to the precept that any professional needs his or her own web site whether selling on Etsy or not. So, I’ll forge ahead…at some point. Not today. Maybe next week. Meh.

In other news, my scanning skills are coming along (as evidenced above). The key seems to be much tweaking in Photoshop. It’s tedious to be sure, but worth it in the end. Now to find a place that makes good quality prints at a reasonable price – suggestions/recommendations are welcome.

photo : untitled watercolor on paper by yours truly

More cool stuff:

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