water + color = love

water + color

I’ve had a slight obsession with watercolors from the moment I received my first paint with water book as a kid. Do they still make those? They would be perfect for *Sir.

Sadly, my painting skills never progressed very far beyond the paint with water books. For as much asĀ  I have tried, paintbrushes have just never made sense in my hands. I find myself feeling very clumsy and fumbling around whenever I try to do anything more detailed than say, painting a wall. Heh.

I used to play around with watercolor paints years ago because I love the way they work, the way they look, everything about them. I could never get over being paintbrush-deficient though. So, I tossed them aside.

I just started work on a mixed media collage and the only way I can do it properly is with watercolors. So, I set out to buy a new set since my old ones dried up and disappeared long ago. And that’s when I discovered them…watercolor pencils!

Honestly, I have no idea why I never thought to try watercolor pencils before. They make perfect sense – the same effect with very little brush work.

I found some time to play around with them today and they are great! In addition to the collage, I hope to begin work on a series of small watercolor pieces this week – time permitting.

* my budding artist toddler son

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