All Aboard the Narcissist Train!

the little heartI’m feeling a little conflicted (read: so nervous I could probably vomit) right now. I’ve been working on this little project for quite awhile  – registered the domain for this site back in February, have been working on the site/blog for a couple of weeks – but, until yesterday, no one knew about it. Hello Seven was just a little idea rattling around with all of the other random trinkets inside my brain, safely guarded from the judgment and criticism of the outside world.

Alas, an idea isn’t worth much it it never sees the outside world.

Now that my little secret has made its way into the outside world, it’s time to head down the road of self-promotion (a concept that resides so far outside of my comfort zone that I need a compass and a map to find it…and even then it’s still a little iffy). How does one manage to self-promote without crossing the line into the realm of narcissism?

Do I blog, and tweet, and update Facebook until the Internet tubes are glutted with every detail of the goings-on in my studio? I’ve seen people do it, but I am skeptical of their purported rate of success.

Do I swagger into galleries with a counterfeit air of self-importance and demand that my work be shown? Anyone who knows me well should be laughing uncontrollably at that vision. Any show I have ever gotten has been something I fell bass-ackwards into. Wonder if my luck is better or worse than it was 5 years ago?

There must be a balance to be struck somewhere out there. I hope that I can find it and help my little idea master its big potential. Or I could just keep painting and see what happens…

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